Experienced workers understands the importance of having the right tools for the job! Moreover, there are many cases where one tool is not enough for the job! I.e., to properly locate an electrical utility fault, whether that is a high voltage cable fault or a water or oil leak in a pipe system, one needs a set of tools not just one.

Thus, it is essential for a mobile test van to be equipped with equipment necessary to get the job done in the most fast, efficient and comfortable way!

Our mobile test vans, just do that!


•   Transformer Test Vans:
      - TransLAB-1

      - TransLAB-2
      - TransLAB-3
•   Laboratory of Optical Fiber Communication Networks (LONET)
•   Laboratory of Cathodic Protection (LCP )
•   Laboratory of Welding Quality Control (LWC )
•   Laboratory of Environmental Analysis (EcoLAB )
•   Laboratory of Water Leak Detection (AquaLAB )